Celebrity actor, Terrence Howard, is currently facing divorce. He and his estranged wife were married in January of 2010. His wife filed for divorce last year, while also obtaining a restraining order against him.

As of now, the separated couple is not due in court until April. However, until then, Howard must shell out spousal support for his ex, as well as pay her vehicle payments and accountant fees.

According to reports, Howard spends approximately $76,000 a month to maintain his lifestyle. As an actor he made $2.6 million, and currently owns two homes and an apartment.

Howard claims to be low on cash since he has been out of work for quite some time, and does not have any job prospects in sight. His attorney also claims that when it comes to finances, his ex actually has more money.

Nevertheless, a court has ordered Howard to pay $50,000 for his wife's expenses pending the outcome of the divorce. This amount includes $20,000 for accountant fees and $10,000 for spousal support. He has also been ordered to continue making $1,800 a month payments on her Range Rover.

In general, California couples who are considering divorce could end up in similar situations, where one spouse has to financially help the other -- at the very least -- until the divorce is finalized. However, in the case with Howard, considering the fact that he is already paying spousal support, there is a good chance he will be ordered to pay permanent alimony as part of the couple's divorce settlement.

Source: E online, "Terrence Howard's Divorce Just Got Uglier - and More Expensive," Natalie Finn, Feb. 21, 2012